Calumet Carmma Nebula

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• practical 4-piece-system including Glass-Twister
• accepts standard charcoal filters for pipes
• made in Germany
• 100% wooden product, treated onl with linseed
• includes spoon screen, activated charcoal filter
and a stylish wooden box

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A combination of wood and glass

The Calumet “Carmma Nebula” was born from a cooperaton with EHLE Glass. Just as all of our pipes, this elegant Spiritpipe is produced in our own workshop.
Throughout it’s gently curved shape, the Glass-Twister and the striking texture of the olive wood it’s a true eye-catcher.
The Carmma Nebula comes in a stylish, wooden storage box. It includes an actiTube Filter, a spoon screen from stainless steel and the instructions.
This pipe is just the beginning of a completely new family of products!
Our combinations from glass and wood, will give you a fully new way of enjoying your smoking experience.
The Carmma Nebula combines the purity and transparency of glass, with the natural warmth of wood.

Technical Details:

Weight:ca. 48 g
Dimensions:130 x 45 x 20 mm
Carb hole:8 mm