Each Calumet Spiritpipe is manufactured in several steps. After the pipe has been shaped and all holes drilled, it’s finished with linseed oil. It’s then handed over for inspection. Only after passing inspection the Calumet Spiritpipes leave the workshop.

Step 1:

After the blank has been cut, the workpiece is mounted in the lathe. The desired size and shape of the pipe is transferred individually by hand. The dimensions are repeatedly checked during production with calipers.

Step 2:

The pipes’ three components are cut from the turned blank: Neck, head and flute. After turning, the pipe parts are sanded by hand. All pipe openings and channels are incorporated on a specially designed drilling machine. Highest precision is essential for this step. Then follows a detailed quality control.

Step 3:

After several days of curing the linseed oil soaked pipes, another quality check follows before we store the pipe safely in its wooden box. The box is finished by slightly charring its surface, and — just like the pipe — laser engraved with the Calumet brand mark.
Every single pipe is made with the greatest care and in traditional handwork. The characteristic grain of the individual woods make each Calumet Spiritpipe unique.