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The Story

Who we are and what moves us
Calumet is located in the climatic health resort Hilchenbach, a tranquil little town in the southwestern Rothaargebirge mountains. The entire region is one of the most forested areas in Central Europe and the closeness to nature is omnipresent. We were therefore somewhat predestined to develop a special passion for wood and all of its uses. The idea of presenting this natural material in a sophisticated way still motivates our team today.

With the support of many local people, a production output was achieved which culminated in the foundation of Calumet Spiritpipes in 2015. From the Siegen-Wittgenstein district, we also supply end customers, wholesalers and retailers far beyond Germany.

The quality of each of our pure pipes is a special concern for us at Calumet. During production, we pay close attention to precision and accuracy, so that the all-wood joints always fit exactly and seal tightly.

Each of our pipes is manufactured directly in our workshop by hand. Therefor we’re always in full control of material and production quality, making sure our customers only receive flawless pipes. In this way, we ensure that we meet our high standards of quality and sustainability.
That is the unique spirit of Calumet.

Calumet is committed to an open discussion on the subject of cannabis. Medical use has been increasingly popular in Germany for some time now. The examples from other countries also show a socially positive development, despite — or precisely because of? — decriminalization.
Even in Germany interesting initiatives and projects on the subject of cannabis and the plant’s benefits for society are starting to emerge. Calumet also wants to lead a responsible and progressive discussion on this topic and we’re positively inclined towards a complete decriminalization of the cannabis plant and thus also its users.