Calumet is located in the climatic health resort Hilchenbach, a tranquil little town in the southwestern Rothaargebirge mountains. This region is one of the most forested areas in Central Europe and the closeness to nature is omnipresent. Therefore it was somewhat natural for us to develope a special passion for wood and all of its uses.

About the spiritpipe

Each Spiritpipe is prepared to be used with a commercially available activated carbon filter for an even smoother smoking experience. Thanks to our specially developed 3-piece-system, we can manufacture our Spiritpipes entirely from wood and thus guarantee a sustainable use of raw materials and a high degree of environmental friendliness. Cleaning the pipes is also a quick and easy task, thanks to the 3-piece-system. The high-quality wood provides the necessary robustness and gives each Spiritpipe its unique character and taste.

The Calumet 3-piece-system

enables thorough and easy cleaning. The flute is protected from dirt by the activated carbon filter. All commercially available activated carbon filters (8 mm) fit into the integrated filter chamber. Flute, neck, and bowl can be detached from each other to facilitate easy access to all parts for cleaning. With regular cleaning, every Calumet Deluxepipe can be smoked practically indefinitely, even in continuous use.